Sunday, February 22, 2009

True love and a few crushes...

Tom will always be my true love. Always has been, always will be. Until he dies and I am still in my prime. As you can see from the polaroid above...we've had some good times. As much as I love Tom...I must confess that I also have crushes. I've had crushes for as long as I can remember. When I was in kindergarten, I couldn't decide between Ryan and Kevin. They were identical twins, but vastly different, in my opinion. In the end, I kept them both. Along with Steve. And Geoff. And Brett.
Sure, I've grown up now...but I still have my crushes...
Owen Wilson. Sure, he's got the disfiguring bump in his nose. And, yes, he had that suicide attempt... but he's hilarious. He steals any movie he's in. Night In The Musuem? He was the best part! "I ain't quittin' you!"
Shanghai Noon has to be one of my favorites, and it's because of Owen. My favorite part is when he is trying to woo an Indian woman... "I'm like a wild horse. You can't tame me. You put the oats in the pen, though, and I'll come in for a nibble every day. But the minute you shut that gate, I'll jump the fence and you'll never see me again. "

Brian Douglas Williams. He is the anchor for the NBC Nightly News. Nobody delivers catastrophic news better than he does. Not only is he a pretty face, he's got this great voice to go with it. Which is why he's a news anchor. You know what else though? He's funny! That's right, funny! That's part of why I like him. He looks distinguished, acts polished...but you just never know what might happen behind closed doors. *wink, wink*
Hurricane is coming? Ah well...I'll just be watching Brian Williams tell me all about it.

Tyler Perry. Da-ang. Break me off a piece of THAT! As you can see from the picture...that's my heart in his hands. Tyler Perry is just one of those good ol' boys. I mean, sure, he dresses up like an old black lady occasionally. But, who hasn't? Really? If you can get past the cross-dressing...he's worth it.

My last crush for the day is perhaps the most unlikely crush of all...

Yes, readers, that's Jon Lovitz.
Jon "Yeah, that's the ticket!" Lovitz.

NewsRadio was one of my favorite sitcoms. It starred one of my favorite actors... Phil Hartman. Jon guest-starred on NewsRadio twice, as TWO different characters. And, after Phil Hartman's death when I was sure NewsRadio would never manage to find it's way... Jon Lovitz entered as a THIRD character, for keeps this time. Nobody could replace Phil Hartman, but Jon helped me heal.
Jon is in one of my favorite movies, 'Trapped In Paradise.' Jon cracks me up. It doesn't matter what he does, he steals the show! He's in the wedding singer for less than 3 minutes and he makes the show for me. I hate commercials...but when he did the Yellow Pages ads and the Subway ads...I always watched them. And laughed and laughed and laughed. I love me some Jon Lovitz!

Those are my crushes for the day... stop judging me.


Bryan said...

I'm so judging you. .......... ok I'm done judging. The verdict is your a nut. However I will say that Jon Lovitz and Owen Wilson are very funny. But you lost on Tyler Perry. The only thing thats funny about him is his looks.

Tami said...

You crack me up. I love your posts. There's nothing wrong with crushes, we've all had them at one time or another.

Natalie said...

I want to judge you but I can't. It is just not in my nature! I am just not a judgmental person.

Rae said...

Darling, I just can't judge you at all, mostly because I have no idea who most of those guys are!

Tara Schuster said...

Oh my Lisa... I love your true love and crushes list! THIS is another reason why we are friends! I too love Tyler Perry, not quite in the same way you do but I LOVE his movies and plays. Nae Nae LOVES him like you do though. And aw yes.... Owen Wilson and his hilarious movies. I love them and he does have some kind of charm with his personality. I love you and glad I checked your blog today, made me smile :)

Garrett is Confused said...

FCL, I am tempted to revoke your favorite cousin status. Owen Wilson, did you see Drillbit Taylor. Maybe he deserved a mulligan, but then there was Marley and I or Me. Brian Williams uses that orange tan but forgets his eyelids. Its distracting. Look at him more closely. Tyler Perry..... No comment. So we're down to Tom and Jon. I have to say I'm gay for both of them. Favorite cousin status restored!!!

Elise said...

Fo real Lisa. Fo real???? Jon lovitz? it musta been the wedding singer that put you over when he said, "Yeah, but canyou shake it like THIS."

Princess Lisa said...

Bryan- you're a nut. And Tyler Perry is funny AND hot!

Thanks Tami! I feel better knowing I have support! :)

Natalie...I'm glad you're not judging me...this time.

Grandma- We've got to get you out more!

Tara Lou- Even if you don't love Tyler the way I's enough that you enjoy him!

Garrett- I was seriously worried that my FC status would be revoked. That would be horrific! As for Owen...I haven't seen Drillbit taylor. I tend to stay away from any movie that I can tell is going to be retarded. That way it doesn't ruin what I think about an actor. It's just how I roll!

Leesie- Fo' real! I know Jon isn't good looking...but he cracks me up! "Well, good luck finding a DJ who can move and shake like...THIS!"