Friday, February 6, 2009

25 Things about me

So...for those of you who don't facebook, there has been this '25 things about me' going around and around and around. Last count I had been tagged 28 times! I finally caved and thought I would continue it into the blogging world...

I doubt this is new as I have confessed pretty much everything! You're tag if you want to be!

1. I can't honestly think of much I haven't already revealed to everyone on my blog.

2. I love keeping a blog. I shamelessly plug it whenever possible. (that obviously doesn't apply here...but, whatever)

3. I'm convinced that my soul mate is named Lamar Leroy Purvis. He likes to camp, fish, hunt, he's a mama's boy, he vacations in Wyoming, He's a quarter inch shorter than me but would never admit it, he has a truck with a gun rack, he took me camping on our Honeymoon and made me eat only what we could catch in "the wild", we'll have two boys named Lamar Jr. and Leroy, he only listens to rap and country from the 60's and 70's, his idea of a "date night" is taking me to the 'crick' and catching frogs... I could go on and on. But, suffice it to say, I'm hoping to remain single forever......It's better than becoming Lisa Purvis.

4. I have TiVoed an infomercial.

5. I believe skittles count as real fruit.

6. I think my teeth look like fangs. (which goes great with the white skin and black hair)

7. I'm not scared of heights, per se. But I am terrified of falling from any height. Off the curb, off a chair, off a building, off a cliff...any of them.

8. I think that the cure for AIDS has already been found but it was found by a guy who hasn't told anyone because he believes in natural selection. "Thinning the herd", so to speak.

9. I think conspiracy theories are fun. Most of them are probably not true...but they could be.

10. I hold my breath when I flush the toilet. Here's why: I once heard on Oprah that your toothbrush should be 6ft or more from the avoid any contamination. Well, shouldn't my lungs be more than 6 ft away when I flush??? I can get a new toothbrush. I can't get a new set of lungs! I've been trying on ebay for years! I'm currently trying to invent some kind of reaching device that will flush my toilet from a distance.

11. I'm a wee bit paranoid about germs.

12. I believe I have superpowers.

13. I think Princess Diana was murdered. Even more, I think it was the Queen of England who was behind it. I watch every documentary, read every article and read the transcripts from ever inquest done. Don't get me started.

14. I can't stand fart air. I'm convinced poop particles are floating into my lungs and that I'm being contaminated.

15. I'm not kidding when I say I wish I had been born a royal Princess. I will watch any show where a normal girl finds out she has royal bloodlines or where she marries a prince. I'll watch any of them, because I want to believe it could happen!

14. I still watch Beverly Hills Troop and enjoy it.

15. I think Lizzie Borden got a bum rap.

16. I want to marry a guy with the last name 'Man' so that I can name my daughter 'Ida.' This also may be why I never have children. God doesn't want me to name them. Poor Ida Man.

17. One of my superpowers is a super smeller. This is not a gift. I can smell anything from any distance.

18. I don't think OJ got a fair trial this time. I really don't. I mean, first he gets accused of a murder he obviously DID not commit (the glove didn't fit, people!) and now he gets taken down for merely retrieving some of his own possessions. He didn't know that doing so at gunpoint was illegal. Cut him some slack!

19. I think the demise of our civilization lies in the hands of reality tv.

20. My second superpower is the ability to see germs. This is not a gift either. I swear when people sneeze, I can see their germs float around and land on things. And it's like this neon green substance going from one surface to another.

21. I would join a gang. If that gang liked to watch tv, take nice trips around the world, wear comfy sweat pants and hated to cook. I would be all up in their grill!!!

22. I think the word whatnot is fabulous.

23. My sister and I have gotten my mother to appreciate our taste in music. I have not only found her singing 'sexyback' by Justin Timberlake, but also 'Hot in Herre' by Nelly.

24. I think there should be some kind of drug put into every one's water systems so that when they fart...the air around them turns green or blue or something. Why? Because public farters are the worst! I'm the unsuspecting shopper who rounds a corner into a new aisle...and BLAMO. Fart air. If there was a green cloud to follow...we could confront the public farters and humiliate them as they deserve!

25. I don't think any one of you out there could last ten minutes in my head.


Breann said...

you would bring it to your blog. I refuse to do these 25 things, I am sick of reading them too.

Princess Lisa said...

Hey 'Tard, here's an idea...don't read them! And while we're at it...if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all, Negative Nancy!!!

How dare you bring down my blog? How dare yoooooooou?

Rae said...

Sorry there's not 25 things you want to know about me, too boring. Besides I don't blog with 25 people, no one my age does that. They all look at me like I'm speaking chinese or something!

Bryan said...

Who are you???

Tara and Adam said...
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Garrett the Bomb Cousin said...

I thought I knew you. Deceiver!!! By the way, #25, bring it on. I have issues too. Deep, dark issues so there! Wow that was therapeutic. Your check will be in the mail. Thanks for the couch time.

Christie said...

I want to know more about Lamar Leroy Purvis..... how did you come up with that name?! haha. reminds me of that movie "Only You"...where the girl searches her whole life for "Damon Bradley"...who she truly believes is her soul mate.

Barbie Smith said...

Lisa, Thank you so much for entertaining Kyle and I this Sunday afternoon. We read lots and lots of your entires. The kids are here as well, and it turns out we had to edit a few as we read them to eachother. The Victoria Secrets became a lovely story about a puppy that's collar hit her in the eye. Thank you for the entertainment! We love you!