Monday, February 16, 2009

Closet Readers...

So, I've been told by several people that I have "closet" blog readers. I don't know who these people are...I don't know if they happened here by accident, a linked blog or heard about it from the voices in their head. Who knows?!

What I do know is that they don't comment... Why don't they comment? Are they ashamed to be found even reading this blog? Are they afraid of being looked down upon for associating with me? What could it be?

Personally, for my ego, I'd like to know who is reading my blog. It would be nice to know if I have more than 15 fans. It would be nice to know what people think of my posts...which is why I enjoy comments.

Here is what I am doing today... I am requesting that the closet readers emerge from their closet...and COMMENT! Come won't hurt at all...come out, come out wherever you are!!!

Also, for your viewing pleasure, here are random locations that have visited my blog. Honestly...I don't even know where some of them are!

I have some local followers...

*Midway, Ut
*Brigham City, Ut
*Pocatello, Idaho

I also have a pretty big Asian following...

*Tokyo, Japan
*Beijing, China

Other random places in the US...

*Pickens, South Carolina
*Stockton, CA
*Kennewick, Wa
*Perkasie, Pennsylvania
*Philadelphia, PA
*Powell, Oh
*El Paso, Tx
*Sacramento, CA
*Palm Harbor, Florida
*Milton, Pennsylvania
*Berkeley, California
*Conway, Arkansas
*Lebanon, Oregon
*Brooklyn, New York
*Blacksburg, Virginia
*La Habra, California
*Whittier, California

Even the Canucks visit...

*Laval, Quebec
*Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Last, but certainly not least, here are visitors from places I couldn't pick out on a map if my life depended on it!...

*Ichihara, Chiba
*Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
*Linköping, Ostergotlands Lan
*Kiev, Kyyivs'ka Oblast'

Who are you??? Come out and tell your story! How did you get here? Who are you? No judgments...tell us who you are...


Breelyn said...

Sorry, I'm not a closet follower, but I am curious as to where your getting a list of all the places your closet followers are from.

The Morris's said...

I am also curious about where you got your list from. Especially since I blog all the time.

Princess Lisa said...

You can add different widgets to your blog. Some are entertainment, some are news stories, some are communication tools. There are a lot of different blog widget sites that have maps associated with them. You can't see addresses or names or anything like that. It just tells you cities, states, countries, etc.

There are a lot of different widget and map websites to choose from!

Jim Jameson, not a widget said...

Uh, hello. I am from Spearfish, South Dakota and am new to your blog. I was shopping for snow blowers and clicked on a link that sent me to your blog. I find myself very interested in you Lisa. No, not that way. I am old and married. Your thoughts are different from the people I am used to. We are boring here in South Dakota. We aren't even considered a state by some. We have no credible celebs( does Gallagher count?)or sports teams. I hope to stumble on your blog again. Toodle oo.

Tara and Adam said...

I don't think anyone will confess. Coming out of the closet is hard to do, or so I hear.

Princess Lisa said...

Tara, I fear you are correct. Other than Jim Jameson, of course.

Norman said...

Lisa, my name is Norman Funtimaia. I am from a small island in the south pacific called fakelaland. I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it. I learned about your blog after googling genital warts. I have been hooked ever since then. Keep up the great blogging.


Anonymous said...

I from Ichihara, Chiba. It in Japan. I searched for torture and found this. Thanks.

Rae said...

Ok Ok I'll admit I do follow your blog, but what can you expect from your very own Grandmother!?!

Brandon said...

My favorite is the person who searched for "torture" and found your blog. Maybe I need to do a better job labeling my posts. I have 3 1/2 followers...counting myself. (hangs head in shame)

Barbie Smith said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! You say the stuff the rest of us only think and then feel ashamed for thinking. I love you! I never comment for two reasons, 1. I never remember my username. 2. I never remember my password. So every time I try to comment I end up having to have them sent to me and by the time I get them have forgotten why I needed them to begin with.


Here's a little shout out to the lady doing a search for genital warts. Woot Woot!