Monday, March 18, 2013

Lisa "stars" in an Infomercial!

  Anyone who has spent more than 7 minutes with me knows of my passion for Infomercials. I love them, I’m addicted to them, I’m always sure I need whatever product they’re presenting. So it is no surprise that one of my life’s ambitions, one of my goals, one of my dreams… was to be in an infomercial. And now it has finally happened! I can die happy. Yes, folks, I landed a gig in an Infomercial. I think I was the perfect candidate because of my camera-ready good looks and my witty charm, but the more likely scenario is that I apparently pull off “average American woman baffled by everyday tasks” better than anyone else.
What’s the Infomercial I was blessed to be a part of? Forever Sharp Knives!  We’ve all seen their gimmick, right? Where they show us they can slice through metal, they can slice through wood and then that same knife can still fillet a fish, can slice through bread, and can still skin a tomato! And it stays that sharp forever!

 So, let me set up the scene for you. Forever Sharp knives is filming small segments around America to splice in with their infomercials to show how Americans are reacting to the amazing product… enter, Lisa.
  I got to be in the audience oohing and aahing and starting the clapping while we watched in amazement as Chef Dave diced and sliced and spoke rapidly about the perks of this Forever Sharp knife. Then Dave says, “Sounds too good to be true, right? Let me get a volunteer from the audience to try it out!” Who was the volunteer? Me, of course.

Dave: “What do you think of the Forever Sharp Knives so far?”
Me: “I’ll admit, I’m a little skeptical.”
Dave: “That’s why you’re going to try it for yourself!”

At Chef Dave’s instructions, I sliced into a hammer, I carved into wood… and then the ultimate test… he gave me a tomato… And that knife just sliced right through it!
The Audience: “ooooh!” *clap, clap*
Chef Dave: “What do you think of that?”
Me: “It’s amazing!”
Chef Dave: “What’s the million dollar question?”
Me: “How much does it cost???” (Said while I shrugged my shoulders and lifted my hands in question)

Chef Dave then outlined how much the set cost…but, wait! We’ll give you a second set for the price of one. “Doesn’t that sound like a good deal?”
Me: “But I want a GREAT deal!”
And then Chef Dave made it a great deal. THREE forever sharp knives so you have one to give to a friend! And they’ll throw in a free mini-juicer! That’s over a $200 dollar value, all for only $39.95!

 To wrap up the segment, I got to do a “customer testimonial” and talk directly into the camera.
Me: “I’ve seen the commercials at home, of course. But I was skeptical. Now that I’ve tried it for myself I can tell you what an amazing product it is! If you’re sitting at home wondering if you should give it a try, order one today! With a money-back guarantee, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll love it!”

  After filming the producer told me I was a natural and asked if I had done anything like that before. I merely replied with, “No. But you might say I’ve been in training for this my entire life.”  

Now I can cross this off my Bucket List. And, let me tell you, it was everything I dreamed of and more. I knew all of those hours of infomercial watching would pay off someday!

If you’d like to see my segment on the Forever Sharp Knives Infomercial, simply tune in to your local programming every night between 2am and 3am. It should come on right after My Pillow and right before the Ninja machine.)