Monday, February 9, 2009

Time Travel Dreaming

As most of you know, I have very vivid dreams. They are basically movies. They're really entertaining. Except when they're scary...then it sucks that they are that vivid!
But, most of the time, just entertaining.

Last night I had a bizarre dream and I'm going to tell you about it. Perhaps you can all interpret it.

My dream:

I was sitting at home, reading a book about the building of the first Transcontinental Railroad, which bridged the East and the West! The book, described in detail, the route, the laborers and the history. One of the points of the book was that around 1860 Chinese Railroad laborers were treated horribly and tens of thousands died from extreme working conditions. And the 'Cruella De Vil' of the book was Charlotte Edwards*. She was a widow to the great Railroad Tycoon, James Edwards*. James came from old money, but he increased his wealth exponentially during the Gold Rush and the Railroad building. James's death in 1862 was under suspicious circumstances and many believed it was at the hands of Charlotte, his wife. After James' death the company was left in her hands. And she cared more for profit than she did the safety of the workers. At one point, when the laborers failed to meet her expectations, she starved them for a week. Allowing nobody in or out of the camp. Charlotte Edwards was single-handedly responsible for thousands of deaths during the completion of the railroad in California.

After finishing the book I was enraged at this Charlotte Edwards woman! What kind of woman kills her own husband and then murders thousands of Chinese Immigrants for her own personal gain? Appalling!

As I was having these thoughts...I was immediately thrust back in time to 1862. It took me several minutes to realize what had happened. And my mission became very clear! I was there to save James Edwards. How would I do it? As I was trying to assess the situation... James Edwards walked in. Apparently I was a "worker" in a brothel that he frequented. As I glanced in a mirror, I realized that I was a whore...and not just that...I had a fake leg. A whore with a fake leg working at a brothel! Well, I did what I had to do. And over time, I was able to gain James' confidence. Eventually, we fell in love. I didn't plan it, nor did he. Neither of us expected it. And nothing could come of it. I was a whore and he was a wealthy businessman that came from "old money." It could never be. But I was able to talk to him about his wife, Charlotte. And that I believed him to be in danger. He didn't think Charlotte was capable of murdering him. But, since I had details, I was able to tell him what to look out for. And when that fateful night came, I begged him not to go! I begged him to stay with me! But he said if he didn't go, he would always wonder if I was right or not. So he went. I was sure that was the last time I would see James.
But I was wrong. James did not go home unprepared and in the struggle, Charlotte died. Not James. This time, James would be alive and able to run the Railroad camps. All of those deaths would be avoided! I had done what I set out to do!
But, then...why was I so sad? James and I knew we could never be. And because of that, we knew we must say goodbye. I made James promise to treat his workers with decency and humane conditions. James said he would never love again and he made me promise to never love another! As James walked out the door...

I returned back to my house, with the book in my hands about the Railroad History. With tears on my cheeks. Was it all just a dream? Had I imagined it all? As I scanned the book I had been reading...history had changed. The book spoke of James Edwards having the best working conditions out there and that he was known as a fair and honorable boss. The book said James was widowed in 1862...and that he never remarried. Tears continued down my face. Tears of joy and of sorrow....

And, that was the end of the dream.

Things I learned from this dream:

1. I'm a better person in my dreams than I am in real life. In real life...I would travel back in time to amass wealth and knowledge. Not to help others!

2. I knew a lot more about the Railroad history than I realized. I had no idea that the time line, route info, history and other junk was hanging around up in my brain. Where did it come from? I don't know what is real and what is fiction.

3. From my own experience in the dream...fake legs in the 1800's were horrible! They were wooden and didn't even bend. It made stairs extremely difficult, that's fo' sho'!

So? What does everyone think the dream meant? I can't wait for interpretations!!! Bring them on!

* Characters in this dream were fictional....I think.


Lonna said...

wow! A whore?! Everyone knows you could not be sucessful as a whore with a wooden leg. Perhaps today with perverssion the way they are you would be very busy and rich. But in the 1800's, I don't think so.
I have always wanted to travel in time, so mostly I am jealous. I can think about what it means due to my jealousy!

Elise said...

I believe this was the plot outline to your first novel. Who would've ever guessed you would make a fortune writing sleazy romance novels, who's heroines are always disabled. Not only will you make a fortune, you will be heralded by the handicapped society as an activist and hero.

Breelyn said...

Ok, what were you smoking/drinking before bed and where can I get me some?

Princess Lisa said...

Mama- How dare you? Of course I could be successful! These were the days before television. Nobody knew that you should cast out those who were not perfect! Doi!

Leesie- I know, right? I think I'll call this one...
'Fake Leg, Real feelings!'

Bree- I dunno! Sometimes I have the craziest dreams! It really is like a movie up here in my head. I can describe everything, in detail! Down to our clothes and everything. Craaaazy!

Joseph Of Egypt, Previously Joseph with the Coat of Many Colors said...

Since Pharaoh is dead and gone, I will interpret dreams for you Lisa. You are a princess after all. The chair you were sitting in while reading represents a need for support from others. Your need to blog and chat on Facebook is due to this need. Continue to blog and chat, it serves you and those around you well. The novel is just a prop, don't dwell on it. I see this all the time with two bit dream interpreters. They use cheap tricks for profit and gain. The trans-continental railroad is very symbolic, though I'm not sure what it is or what it means. What!! Pharoah had chariots not railroads. The fact that you are performing noble service to your fellow man is a good sign. You have a good pure heart, though your sense of humor is quite disturbing. Nonetheless, I laugh Princess Lisa, I laugh. Whew! The most important part of this I have saved for last. You must find James Edwards. He is real and he is waiting, though I don't suggest the same profession. Try to use your strengths to lure him in, and take him Princess for your own. Who am I fooling, be the whore!!

Rae said...

Did you by any chance eat Chinese food before you had that dream? I know it would give me wild dreams because I had Chinese food last night and I sure did have some awful dreams! Watch what you eat before you go to sleep, make sure it's something you really like amd then maybe you'll have really good Princess dreams.

Barbie Smith said...

It means you want chocolate.