Monday, December 1, 2008

RSVP, plus 1.

One of the annoying things about having such a common name is that so many other people have MY name. It's just not right! It's my name. Until recently, I've never had an email address that was just my own name. As you can imagine, lisaharper is taken on yahoo, hotmail, live, etc... I've always been lisaharper8,462...Until Google came along. When Google introduced Gmail my luck began to change! The fates smiled down upon me, the stars aligned, lady luck was mine. Now I hold

All those other Lisa Harpers out there can bow to me! I am the master!

I was elated to have such a simple address. No lisa.harper for me, no lisa81harper for me. Nope. The only down side was that I began to receive a lot of emails that weren't intended for me...they were intended for some other shmoe named Lisa Harper. This bothered me for a while. Until I realized, I just became more popular without having to put forth any effort whatsoever! I get invited to all kinds of shindigs and you better believe that I RSVP every single time! I have a very busy social calendar now.

---On December 6th I will be attending a Taste-Testing party at Delectables Fine Catering
"The Bay Area's Most Prestigious Caterer" Apparently I've been trying to decide whether or not to hold my wedding/reception there. I'm still interested, so I am going to the taste testing on the 6th. It's in Palm Beach, Florida. I RSVP'd 1 plus 3. (the +3 is my husband-to-be, his mom and my mom, of course.) It's so hard to decide where to have your dream wedding, so I am looking forward to this! They promised me a "smashing menu!"

---On December 15th I will be attending "The Body Shop" Open House in Orlando, FL. My dear, dear friend Petra Livera is throwing this little gathering and I couldn't help but support her! I asked her if I could bring a friend and she said "the more the merrier!"

---On December 3rd I will be paying my respects to a Mr. Brian Hubbard in Allentown, PA. At this point it is unclear on how I know him. But I would never forgive myself if I didn't get a chance to say goodbye. Apparently he was pretty old and it was time for him to go. And I hear it was peaceful in the end. I hope it was. There will be a light lunch following the service. RSVP, plus 1.

---My dear friend (or perhaps relative), Regina Hayes has been sending me several emails of warnings and special messages. The most recent:

I found this piece of paper tucked in a book of scriptures in the dictionary section about angels. I know you all know how wonderful and righteous dad was. These words are absolutely precious to me, and know they will be to you too. I'm so thankful that he would take the time to write something so inspiring to his children.

"As the birthdays come and go and life becomes a strand of glittering memories high and low strung by the Father's hand.
May every pearl upon the string be precious to your heart and every memory bring a joy that won't depart.


She's right. Dad was something special. I don't know if he's my dad, or uncle or grandfather. Or if I am just a good family friend. But, it was touching, nonetheless.

---And, the creme de la crop... I have been invited as the Guest Speaker of a luncheon at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena, CA. Included is an 'about me' for Lisa Harper..."Rarely are the terms hilarious storyteller and theological scholar used in the same sentence, much less used to describe the same person…but then again, Lisa Harper is anything but stereotypical! She has been lauded as a gifted communicator, whose writing and speaking overflows with colorful pop culture references that connect the dots between the Bible era and modern life. Her style combines sound scriptural exposition with easy-to-relate to anecdotes and comedic wit."
How could I pass that up? I couldn't. I RSVP'd plus 1, of course. I'm flattered. I hardly know what I'm going to say...but I have's in February.


Kimber said...

Lisa you are so bad! LOL

Rae said...

Lisa, I'm sure glad your social life is heating up! Keep up the good work! I really did like the thoughts that your father had written in his Bible, beautiful.

Lisa said...

They were beautiful sentiments in the bible, weren't they?

My social life is crazy these days!

StraitJacketMom (Berleen) said...

LMAO Oh my.. that was one of the funniest things I've read in a long time!
Oh how will you find the time?

Tami said...

You are hilarious!! Good luck preparing that speech. I'm sure it'll be great.

Elise said...

You..are.....Killing me!

Natalie said...

I am glad it is you and not me. I get stage fright!! Plus I just hate being that busy. Let me know how it all goes.

Lisa said...

I'm pretty freaked out about the speech, but I know it'll come together in the end!

Thanks for your support guys!!!

Lonna said...

Lisa, nobody knows bible like you do, so don't you worry about that February speech! You will do great.

Anne Chapin said...

Can i be your plus 1 at the Ritz Carlton?