Monday, December 29, 2008

Fanilow no more...

It is true. I was raised on the music of Barry Manilow. My mom was a Fanilow...ergo, I was a Fanilow. As I've matured, Barry's classics always remain a hit with me. Who doesn't shake it to CopaCabana? I dare you to remain unmoved during Could it be Magic?! I dare you!
As Barry has aged, his upper lip has disappeared even more. His fake tan is becoming more concerning and his skin appears to be falling off along with his weight. His hair and face and dance moves remind me of a premature baby bird attempting to take flight from the nest.
Even with all of this...I remained a Fanilow. It is a part of my blood. I remain, forever, a faithful Fanilow.
As Barry lost credibility in the main stream pop market, as he was relegated to radio stations of adult contemporary music...he came up with a brilliant idea! In order to regain his street cred, he put out a cover album... Barry singing the hits of the 50's!
It was fine...we're okay with you singing Unchained Melody. Who likes it anyway? But Barry got bored with the 50's and soon moved into the 60's. I was okay with him singing 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head' but thought he pushed it a little too far with 'What The World Needs Now Is Love'... but, I let it slide. Barry soon grew tired of the 60's and moved guessed it...the 70's! I was okay with that. He sang 'You've Got a Friend' and who cares if he redid that? And Barry had some of his own classics hits from the 70's. I was okay with Barry in the 70's.

But then Barry did the unforgivable. He did. He made a collection of 80's hits! Oh no he di'int! Oh, no, he, did, not.
I am sickened. How dare he? Chicago? Rick Astley? And Richard Marx? Are you kidding me Barry?!?!?! How dare you?! I can never forgive this. You know what I am looking forward to? 'Barry Manilow sings the hits of the 00's!' I can not wait for Barry's rendition of Justin Timberlake's 'Sexyback' or Gwen Stefani's 'Wind It Up' or Britney's 'Womanizer.'

***I am sorry if this post offended any Fanilows. I almost disabled comments because I was fearful of the backlash...but I felt you should be able to express yourselves too.***


Breann said...

I can't stand him. Those are some funny video's. Oh by the way I changed the color of my blog, but it still might be to bright for your sensitive eyes. Maybe you should see a doctor about the eye problem, maybe its not my blog but your eyes.

Kimber said...

Oh Barry...if only he would lay off the plastic surgery.

I am still a Fanilow.

Breelyn said...

Ugh! I had to stop after only 36 seconds. Definately not a Fanilow.

Tami said...

I just couldn't get through that second clip. He's awful.

the Cheerful Optimist said...

I am dating myself, I am still a Fanilow!!!! surprise surprise. I like it when I can hear the words and understand them. I can always understand the Barry.

Rae said...

My My he is sooo pretty. He's prettier than any of the women singing with him. He sure did not look like that when he first started out as a composer and background singer, and he has more hair now too. Wish I knew what vitamins he's on, I'd like to look that pretty!

Bryan said...

I will always be a Manilow Fanilow. However you can not convince me that the robot in that video is the real manilow. Never.

Princess Lisa said...

I'll always be a Fanilow. I will. But it's got to be classic Barry! No more 80's hits! I can't wait for the 90's and the 00's though!

The dancing is what really gets to me. Hot!

Elise said...

OH NOOOO! We totally got Rickrolled by the Manilow. (IF you don't get the rickrolled, you don't spend enough time on youtube)
I can't believe I almost missed this post! I lost all my love for him, and yes he was my desired future husband at the age of 4, when he was on American Idol. Douchebag much?

Lonna said...

Okay, as the original Fanilow of the family, I have something to say.
1st, Bree you are on my black list.
2nd, It would have been best if Barry had died in 1990. He was great in the 70's and some 80's. (Not recreating it) But he totally sucks now. I mean totally. His voice is all quivery and while he was young we could overlook the spaztic movements of his body, but not now. I'm always afraid he will fall and break a hip.
Give it up Barry. 50's, 60's 70's & 80's. Ugh.

Lonna said...

This just in from Lisa's own mouth......Clay Aiken is Barry Manilow's love child!
thank you Lisa. It all makes sense now.

Natalie said...

I am alittle shocked by you all. I did not grow up with Manilow. My Mom was a Anne Murry and my Dad was a John Denver and Beach Boys fan. You all introduced me to Manilow and it took me awhile but I became a Fanilow. I thought when you became a Fanilow you where in it for "Better or Worse". Having said that, I was introduced to him in his later years and I honestly don't see much difference from when I was introduced to him (late 90's) and now. You guys still loved him then, what it the problem now? Maybe your judgement was still clouded back then I don't know. I am still a Fanilow and I am quite frankly disappointed in all of you supposed Fanilows.

(By the way I loved Rick's 2 hits in the 80's! I am glad Barry felt the same about them!!!)

Princess Lisa said...

Oh please, Natalie! Don't you judge us! Like you said, you haven't been a fan forever. We've been on the Barry rollercoaster for much longer than you have! Maybe you could understand if you had loved him your whole life.

Barry is like my much older sibling who used to be this amazing artist but got addicted to meth and is now doing everything he can to make money for his meth addiction. No quality, no thought for his fans. All he cares about it mething up his life!
I can't just stand by and support that. But I can remind him of the Barry he used to be. And help him get back to the good times!