Friday, December 5, 2008

This Just In....ANOTHER story of food abuse.

This is getting kind of ridonklulous! Whatever happened to the good old days where people fought with words, hands and well-recognized weapons? Now it's Macaroni, a sandwich... and This Just In....


A man faces a domestic violence charge after authorities said he assaulted his girlfriend with a cheeseburger. The report said the man would not let the woman out of the vehicle, so she threw his drink out of the car. In response, the man allegedly grabbed her arm and smashed the cheeseburger into her face. The pair got out of the car, and authorities say the man again took the McDonald's sandwich and put it on her face.

I mean, yeah...McDonald's isn't that great. It's usually pretty nasty. But, food in the face? Everyone knows the only acceptable food in the face is a pie or cake. Clearly, desserts are the designated face smashing food.

I guarantee you if he had thrown a pie in her face nobody would be charging him with anything other than clowning around!!!

The most important part of this article is "she threw his drink out of the car."
I kinda think she had the hamburger in the face coming to her. She threw his drink out the window! I'd be ticked! You don't mess with my cola!

People, eat your food. Don't fight with it.

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Rae said...

I saw this in the paper and thought what a horrible waste of food, but then Mc Donald's burgers aren't food, soo I guess it's okay!