Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Why didn't I think of that?

Well, Readers, it's the Holiday Season! Once again we are faced with the struggle of finding the perfect gift for everyone on our list! I have found a website that makes it easier to please everyone on your Christmas list this year! It's the 'As Seen On TV' website! These products are ingenious, useful and often have me wondering how I've managed this long without it!

Do you strain when you drain??? Love pasta but don't have the time to watch the water boil? Not anymore! Get the Pasta lover on-the-go in your life the Fasta Pasta!

Is there someone on your list who wants to get in shape, but lacks the time and motivation? I have just the gift for you...

It's an electronic Ab tightener! You wear it around your waist and it tones up your abs in no time! You can work in it, run in it, cook in it or even play in the rain with it! Help the fatty in your life shape up without putting forth any effort!

Is there someone in your life who loves fried, battered food but doesn't have the time to batter all of their favorite fried goodies??? Look no further than the Batter Pro! Now you can batter and fry your food even when you don't have the time! 10 seconds or less!

"The revolutionary way to batter all of your food in under 10 seconds."

My personal favorite? The Slanket! There have been so many times when I've been freezing cold on the couch, but still needed my hands to type, text or hold a book! But, guess what? If your hands are outside the blanket, your arms and shoulders are freezing! But if I covered up...I was committed to laying under the blanket and getting nothing accomplished! Why can't I have it both ways? Well, guess what??? Now you can with the Slanket! "The Slanket gives you the freedom to do more while being wrapped up in a warm blanket!" And doesn't she look comfy? She's able to stay toasty AND read! Thanks Slanket! Readers...I hope this gift guide has helped you with your Christmas shopping this year. I leave you with... The Slanket. Happy Holidays!


Rae said...

These are all great gift ideas, but it seems like my Mother had a contraption like the "Sport-Elec" about 50 years ago and it didn't work either. Oh Well, there goes another much needed item. Guess I just won't do any shopping it just is so sad I've lost all my ideas for the best gift. OH MY!!

Breann said...

Come on Lisa you didn't love the slanket. I mean what is the purpose of robes when slankets are around thats all you need to stay warm. Haha I always laugh at the stuff they try to sell.