Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Another year has gone by. Some of it good, some of it miserable. I have to say that I'm hoping for a better 2009 than 2008. What will this year bring? I look at each new year like I do a blank sheet of paper. The possibilities are endless, it's so exciting...until someone comes along and takes your paper and makes an origami duck. Then you're hosed.

In the past I was never one for New Year's Resolutions. I find that most of them are forgotten by January 5th. Instead, each year I've taken to writing myself a letter. I write myself a letter to be opened the next year on New Year's. I write the letter, seal it up and don't look at it for a year. Most of the time the letters make me cry and laugh. And occasionally, I am shamefully embarrassed at my thoughts. More often than not, I am able to see the growth that takes place from year to year.
No, I won't be sharing my letter with you this year. It's for your own good. Really, I'm thinking of you here. However, I highly recommend that you write one of your own. It's a lovely tradition.

Although I won't be sharing my letter with you, I will share some of my New Year's Resolutions! The following are things I feel are important in the coming no particular order...

1. Spend more time texting. I think this year the highest I peaked at was 4,658 messages in a month. I can do better than that! My thumbs need to train up. In an unrelated matter, if anyone has any thumb casts, I'm interested.

2. Read less. My brain is already full of useless information. You can't take it with you when you die! Or was it that you can't take gold with you when you die... I don't know.

3. Spend no more than one hour online a day. I’m not much of a clock watcher, so it will be hard to tell when an hour is up.

4. Don’t beat yourself up for not sticking to resolution #3.

5. Take up a new habit. Like voodoo dolls or tarot cards. First I must become superstitious and believe in black magic so that my new habits make sense. (note to self, wear a lot of black)

6. Make a Wikipedia entry about me, my life and my future so that the whole world can enjoy me and my life.

7. Spend more time watching infomercials to prepare for 2010’s New Year’s Resolution of becoming an Infomercial Actress.

8. Procrastinate more. There is so much I could have put off if I had thought to procrastinate sooner. Whenever I build my time machine I will go back in time and remind myself to procrastinate now. Don't put it off.

9. I want to put on at least 35 pounds. I am preparing for a movie role where I play an even tubbier person.

10. Find a movie role that will cast me as an even tubbier person to justify resolution #9.

Well, readers...there is some insight into what I want to accomplish this year! Good luck to all of us!!!


Elise said...

You really are the biggest dork I know. I did real resolutions,and you totally stole my thunder by making a longer list that's much more interesting to read than mine. I will never forgive you.

Tami said...

I love the idea of writing a letter to yourself. How fun. Love your goals, too. Good luck with them.

Rae said...

I love no. 3 and 4, both make sense to me!
I can't get into writing a letter to myself, I'd be so bored I'd fall asleep before I could get it written. Good thought tho.

Lonna said...

Lisa I will never be able to out do you. I enjoyed #9 and 10 the most. Here's to you! Good luck.

Princess Lisa said...

Elsie...mine were every bit as important as yours! How dare you imply that they were not?!?!?!

Tami- Honestly, it's a great tradition. This year I was so overwhelmed to see the amount of progress I had made in one year.

Grandma- Don't you know we're supposed to write boring things for our posterity to read? They'll feel obligated because we're their great-great-great grandmother...and we'll be the ultimate pranksters. Pranking from beyond the grave!

Mom- I appreciate your support. I don't know if I could get through all of my goals without you here to back me up!!!

the Cheerful Optimist said...

Thanks Lisa, When I have more time I will comment but I am working on
#8. It's hard!