Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mystery of the Latinas

I think it's pretty obvious that I've always connected to my Latina Sisters. Deeply. I've even been mistaken as a Latina. It's no doubt due to my dark coloring.

About a year ago I started receiving 'Latina' magazine in the mail. I was confused, not because I didn't love it (who wouldn't?) but because I didn't know why I was receiving it. I hadn't requested it, I hadn't subscribed and I hadn't paid for it. I thought maybe it was just a free sample so they could try and get me hooked into all things Latina!

It came the next month too. And the month after that. And it kept coming.

Realizing it had to be a subscription service, I decided someone was sending it to me as a joke! I figured out who it must be. Who else? Brandon! Had to be. No other explanation. I didn't mention that I was on to him because that would ruin the fun.

Instead, I retaliated by sending him a bazillion catalogs he wouldn't want. Paula Young's Wig collection, Victoria's Secret, one about shoes for old people...
(actually, the last one might be helpful, he is getting on in years)

I figured, tit for tat! Suck on that Brandon! I showed him!

Cut to...a year later. I receive a notice in the mail that my subscription to Latina is ending and the pricing terms for renewing my subscription. I giggled when I thought about how Brandon sent this to me to be cruel and I retaliated by sending him at least 10 catalogs/magazines to be even more cruel than he thought about being.

Good times. Such a great friendship.

I mention to him a few nights later that my subscription is ending and that I hope he enjoyed his own retaliation magazines! Turns out... he knows nothing about the Latina magazine. He didn't do it. He said he would have done it if he had thought of it because he thinks it was brilliant.

And suddenly...I feel ashamed of the fact that I punished him severely for something he didn't even do. Bad Lisa!

Then I giggled and decided that if he didn't expect and appreciate that kind of collateral damage from our friendship...he would've bailed a long time ago!

So, my time with Latina magazine is coming to a close. It has been a great year, Latinas. I've learned mucho from you! Gracias!

(For those of you who don't get Latina magazine, 'Gracias' is 'Thank You' in spanish)


Bryan said...

Well at least you didn't really pay for your magazine. I recently ordered Naval History. Turns out it's just about the Navy....boring! I was really looking foward to learning more about the history of belly buttons.

PrincessLisa said...

Believe me Bryan...I've made similar mistakes. Take it from me, "Uranus Weekly" is not as exciting as I thought it would be...

Elise said...

Remind me to never cross you. I already receive the wonderful gifts of "women's day" and "ladies Home journal" and those were No joke! What do these people think I am, Doris Day!! You get me, trigga?

Lonna said...

Ouchie Leesie! I just send them to you because you never call me when you are 30 minutes away from me. I get it already! You don't love favorite Aunt Lonna. That's ok with me, Garrett will forever be my favorite!!!
Hope you enjoy the new magazine I just sent you. '100,000 things you can do with dryer lint.' Happy reading and crafting!
Lisa, the magazine really paid off...I mean look at your mad vocabulary skills.