Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yes, I'm sure!

You wanna know what really piffs me off? When someone asks me if I'm sure about doing something I am already in the process of doing. You know what bothers me more? When a computer asks me if I'm sure! Yes, I'm sure!

I'm deleting a file...and it wants to know if I'm sure. Well, yeah, kinda. I wouldn't have pressed the "delete a file" button if really I was looking to press the 'my computer is retarded' button instead.

When would an "are you sure you want to perform this action?" button come in handy???

"Are you sure you would like to launch a nuclear attack?"

"Are you sure you want to drink that much tequila?"

"Do you really think that those neon yellow pants are slimming?"

"Would dancing around on the table at a work Christmas party with nothing but a bra, panties and your boss' tie around your head be a good idea?"

Things like that would be useful in life. But, "are you sure you want to delete this file?"....not helpful.


Rae said...

You hit the nail right on the head! Thats one of the things that drives me crazy (Oh, I know it's not a drive, just a short putt). If I didn't want to delete the file I sure wouldn't have gone to the trouble to bring up the file to delete things. Nutty!!

Elise said...

You crack me up!