Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Obama did WHAT?!?

I have to clear the air... this blog post has nothing to do with Obama and what he may or may not have said/done. It was just a cleverly disguised ruse to get you to read my blog. Ha ha, suckas! You're stuck now!

We have a new store in town! It's a Dress Barn. Honestly, I'm unlikely to ever peruse their racks. (he he he...I said 'racks'...)
What really cracks me up is their sign. It reads: DRESS BARN (and underneath that) WOMAN'S APPAREL
Am I the only one who saw the obvious humor in that?
It should say DRESS BARN (and underneath that) WOMAN'S APPAREL (and underneath that) STAY OUT, CROSS DRESSERS!!!
I mean...come on....it says Dress in the store name. It's kind of funny that they felt the need to qualify it by saying it was for women... is it just me? Probably. I bet most people just drove by it and never had a cross-dressing thought.

I saw an ad recently for a product I never even considered before ... Private Label Dental Floss. Yes, it's true. Just the other day I was using my floss that I bought at Wal-Mart and I was thinking, "I'm better than this! I shouldn't have to use store bought dental floss. Where's P. Diddy when I need him???" Well, worry no more, teeth! I will soon be bringing you the floss you deserve.

In UK news.... two women, ages 41 and 66, were arrested after they tried to smuggle a corpse onto a flight from London to Berlin. The women placed the man, a relative of theirs, into a wheelchair and covered his face with sunglasses in an attempt to get him aboard the flight. They are being charged with "suspicion of failing to give notification of death." To be fair, maybe they didn't know he was dead. 91 year old men aren't that lively. I want to know what their end game was.
I just want to know what their explanation was. "Didn't know he was dead... he's been that way for years."
Or, "Oh, THAT'S what that stink was...I just thought he was extra flatulent today..."
Or, they could have been filming a movie sequel; 'Weekend at Bernie's: Bernie takes Europe!'
'Weekend At Bernie's: The Retirement Years'
There are all kinds of plausible explanations. I want to hear their side of it.

Well, that's all I have on my mind today, Readers. Literally. Sorry I lured you here under false pretenses...but Obama is a buzzword right now and I have to do whatever I can to get Readers to my blog! Suckas!


Tami said...

I know what you mean, blog traffic is slowing down.

Dress Barn is not my most favorite store. Probably won't be in there too much.

Tami said...
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Julie and Nate said...

The name Dress Barn makes me think of cows. Why would you have barn in the store name if it didn't have to do with cows? It reminds me of when I was conned into being in the Cache County Dairy Princess pageant...