Thursday, November 6, 2008

You were always on my mind....

I hope, after reading the blog title, that you have Willie Nelson in your head singing "Always on my mind..." If I suffer, so must you.

So, I've been told that someone* hates logging on to my blog because they no longer want to see the disturbing wedding pictures of Manuel Uribe. And that he doesn't like the Tasmanian Devil ones either.
(*I won't name names, but it was my brother. And it wasn't Nolan. In pig latin, it was ryan-bay. And someone seconded it...again, I won't name names, but it was Bryan's father-in-law)
I must deliver to my fan base, albeit a small one!

I thought I would tell you about a few pressing issues on my mind. (Thus the post title and Willie Nelson song) Here goes...

1. I have been really fed up with politics as of late. I've seen a lot of hurt feelings, a lot of contention and quite frankly...I don't think I've ever hated a political season more than I have this one.
To be upfront, I didn't vote for either candidate. I wrote in Jack Bauer. And I have a previous post about why I couldn't vote for McCain OR Obama. McCain eats babies and Obama was a terrorist in disguise. (read my previous blog for more in depth "proof" on that)

But, no matter who you voted for...the people have spoken, Obama won! He is the President Elect.
(In a side do I become 'Lisa Marcell Harper, Princess Elect'? If anyone knows, please tell me.)

So, I was planning on supporting Obama. He won, he will be my president. I said...clean slate, let's see what he can do! Well, imagine my surprise to find out that the first thing he did as President-Elect was choose his Chief of Staff and that he totally proved my theory about him being a terrorist. I joked before...but his first move is to ask Rahm Emanuel to be his Chief Of Staff? Are you kidding me with this??? He is an Israeli-American who is the son of Benjamin, who was a member of the Irgun, the Zionist terrorist organization. This may or not be true, but since I read it on the interweb, I'm pretty sure it is fact-based. Great. Now we have a terrorist as the Chief of Staff to Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Great.
I laughed at those people who said Obama would ruin our country...I thought it was silly...but the facts are the facts, readers! We're being taken over from within! Run for your lives!!!

Now that I have warned all of you, I can move onto an even more pressing issue...

2. What are drive-thru's for? Anyone? Yes, that's drive thru. Not to stop at the menu and study it as though there might be a test later.
Normal fast-food chains have their drive-thru and you go and order and get your food and leave. Sonic is a place where you drive-IN and order your food and eat there. But, for your convenience they also have a drive-thru. You drive, get your food and drive away. All very convenient.
Except when the person in front of you in the Sonic Drive-Thru is sitting in front of the first menu (not even the second menu with the speaker and microphone so you can order) trying to decide what to order. Hmmm...tough call...such a wide array of choices...what to do? What to do? I'll just sit here and study the menu while cars pile up behind me waiting in the Drive-THRU.
If only Sonic had a place for me to park my car...with an individual menu...and I could sit there as long as I wanted to studying the menu and deciding...while not holding anyone else up...IF ONLY. Oh, wait! They DO!

I know we now have a terrorist as our President Elect. But, really, could we all come together and teach people not to misuse the Sonic Drive Thru? Come on people! Things won't change till we take a stand!

Last but not least, so that you no longer have to look at a picture of a fatty or a tasmanian devil...

You were always on my mind...always on my mind.... Well, that's all from me today. I've got to go research how to become Princess Elect...


the Cheerful Optimist said...

I loved that song. If I could sing that would be one song in my repertoire along with Rocky Mountain High. A picture of Willie is pleasing to the eye especially when compared to the DEVILS! Let's hope all will be well in D.C.

Elise said...

You know Lisa, there's a great Indie cover of that song sung by some chic with a great voice....if only I knew who it was.

Lonna said...

All I have to say about this blog entry is....huh?
And thank goodness the election is over, why isn't all the television coverage. I am sick of it. Oh well I can turn off the TV.

Bryan said...

Who doesn't love a song that sings the chorus line followed by back up singers singing the same line. Like we didn't here it the first time. Then he repeats it, again. Who is sitting listening to the song thinking, wow, she must really be on his mind for him to repeat it so many times. We get it already. Get someone else on your mind Willie!
Got to love Willie!

Shawna said...

I liked the picture of the Manuel, everytime I looked at it I felt a little bit better about myself.

And Mom, take it back!!! "Turn off the TV"???????? What??? It's like I don't even know you anymore.

Rae said...

Are you going to be demoted? How can you possibly be a princess elect when you have been a princess for years, you should have said you are the Queen Elect! Get it right, Please.