Sunday, May 25, 2008

When infomercials go bad

We know I love infomercials. I surf the tv just looking for an infomercial. Most people change the channel when one comes on. I change the channel looking for infomercials. And, yes, I think I might TiVo one someday. That day hasn't arrived yet, but I am a realist. It's only a matter of time.

I saw part of an infomercial the other day. It's a completely pointless product for me and my life. But I can see that a lot of scrapbookers would love it. It's called the Cricut. Get it? It sounds like cricket but it's spelled with 'cut' in it because when you scrapbook you cut things out?! Get it? Yeah, more marketing geniuses at work.

So, I'm watching a 90 second blurb on everything it can do. And they are showing me these beautiful scrapbooking projects that you can do with it. And for a nanosecond a picture pops up with a scrapbooking container of some sort that says "Food Stamps" on it. I the only one who sees the irony here? I imagine a house with a family in it. Some shmoe who's fallen on hard times and they are now on food stamps. They can't afford food, but the wife says to the husband, "I'd really love to go grocery shopping with these food stamps, but I don't have a really pretty container to put the food stamps in. Drats, I guess we'll have to skip groceries this week."

To which the husband replies, "Well, honey, why don't you go order that Cricut contraption and make a really cool container to hold our food stamps in? They electric bill doesn't have to be paid this month. Really, what's most important is that we order the Cricut."

Cut to a montage of shots-
Wife receives Cricut in the mail, joyously decorates a box to hold the food stamps, goes grocery shopping and pays the cashier from her pretty food stamp box she made with the Cricut...
and the last shot is the family eating at the dinner table with a smile on their face and they turn to the camera and say, "Thanks Cricut!"

Priceless. I better place an order.


Lonna said...

Well, we all know food stamps are for those who can't afford food, but can afford anything else they want. Duh.....Think man, think.

Elise said...


Bryan said...

I don't get it? So you don't want people on food stamps to have pride in their stamps? Seems to me the goverment should give these out with food stamps just so people will take pride in their goverment!

FYI Cindy has already had this for some time now.

Bryan said...

Forgot to fix Government!

Corinne said...


Natalie said...

I do love a good infomercial. Just 1, 2, 3 seconds and it's done!!! (Magic bullet, for those non-infomercial savvy people that read your blog.)