Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol...a.k.a. "My Kid's Got Talent!"

Oh, American Idol. It continues to fail me. This season has hurt just as much, if not more than the Katherine Mcphee/Taylor Hicks debacle.
I know everyone calls me a "hater" for not oohing and aaahing over David "Cute as a bug" Archuleta...but, seriously, unless you're a tween or a grandma, there is no excuse for voting for him. There really isn't. It's Taylor Hicks all over again. My worst nightmare. Let me qualify this by saying that I agree with the fact that David Archuleta (aka Donny Osmond Jr.) has talent. He clearly does. He's got mad skillz, dawg. But how is his musical talent relevant to anything other than choirs or musical theater? It's not. Maybe give him 5 years to mature and then I will see if I like his music. Right now, all I can do is fall asleep every time he gets on stage with his babyface and following of tweens and grandmas.
He's being set up for failure. Everyone votes and gives him a heightened sense of fame...then he sells less than 500,000 copies of his album and his record label drops him and he goes through a mid-life identity crisis at the age of 19. Tragic. I've seen it a million times. If you really liked the kid, you'd want him to grow up before he tries it in the musical world.
What am I saying? What am I thinking? Donny Osmond is just as cool now as he ever has been. And I'm sure at least 3, maybe even 4, people outside of Utah knows who he is. That's Archuleta's future. Poor kid.

All of you keep voting for him! Even though none of you will buy his album! Just like you did with Taylor Hicks! Set him up to fail!


Natalie said...

Wasn't he amazing last night. I voted for him 10 times. 5 for me and 5 for Bryan. We just thought he had an amazing voice and he did an amazing job last night. I do like David Cook but he did not do that great last week. I think that David is well enough grounded that he will be able to make it through his teens without falling off the band wagon. I can only hope that the record label helps him put out a good album because I can see not many people buying it unless it is a good. GOOD LUCK DAVID, WE LOVE YOU!!

PS Lisa does too, she is just sore that Katherine McPhee lost. She just hasn't gotten over it!! I know, I know that has nothing to do with you. I just think she is secretly in love with you and she is over compensating to try an keep it a secret. Maybe you could give her your number and make the first move!! Thanks David!! LOVE YOU!!!

Bryan said...

You know as I look around at the no talent celebs of today I often wonder "why are they popular and who likes them?" Unfortunately as I read your blog I find out that my own sister is one of those that supports these no talent losers. Look, McPhee looked good and that's about it. She was not better than Doolittle last year except she looked better. Once again I am saddened by a society that dotes on looks rather than carachter and talent. As for David, it's just American Idol. You know your not voting him into office, right? The kid can sing. So what if he doesn't sell as many albums as Cook. Who cares? He did better last night. Just because Taylor Hicks hasn't sold enough albums to make your hall of fame doesn't mean I shouldn't have voted for him. I still would! He was more entertaining than McPhee! Which by the way he is working on his own album that will have songs totally decided on by him, I'll wait to see that album before I judge his life's work.

Brickhouse OUT!

Corinne said...

I don't watch, so I hold no guilt. I did catch the last 10 min of the show last night, because Bailey had to watch the Jonas Brothers, who we miss anyway. I did get to see George Micheal and thought he sounded horrible.