Friday, May 23, 2008


David ArchuLOSER has lost. As most losers do. Poor, poor David. And he didn't just lose by a teeny tiny bit. No, no, he lost by 12 million votes. I was saddened to hear that my own family members voted ten times for Archuloser, but it turns out ten times makes no difference when you're talking about a landslide loss. Oh, it's so sad.

I love American Idol. I do. But I think it might be for my family's best interest if it went off the air. Invariably, my family is divided on who has the best voice/best talent...whatever. It's always a division of the family.

I find that the 'older set' always lean towards the ugly, the boring and those who will not sell many records. I don't know if that's just because when you get older you start to lose your hearing or if you just lose the ability to judge talent. I'm not sure what it is, but it is very hard to watch that happen to them.

One of my own family members implied that the only people we like are the pretty ones. Ummm, duh. Along with the pretty though, we like talent. David Archuloser has mad skillz, no doubt. However, my contention with him is that his performances are boring (as I am sure his album will be as well. ) I guess boring is relative when Amy Grant is what you consider as "hard rock."

A quote from my own brother, after implying that we only enjoy pretty-no talent-celebs.
"Once again I am saddened by a society that dotes on looks rather than carachter and talent."

First, please excuse his mistyping. I think it's part of old age. Second, I find that most people who say that we're too obsessed with good looks say that because they themselves are ugly. A sad but true phenomenon. I've always thought my brother was good looking...but I might have to revisit that assumption.

Thankfully, American Idol is over for now. My family can go back to our peaceful existence until next January. Then the feud begins again! Till then!


Bryan said...

So many things to correct. Where to start?

"ten times makes no difference when you're talking about a landslide lose." Sorry that your getting old too.! I think you meant "loss"

The Family is not devided. It's just you and the youngest. I don't count Shawna. She looks up to you.(Kids really need good role models) No, my dear sister, it is just you that is divided from the rest of us.

"I find that the 'older set' always lean towards the ugly, the boring and those who will not sell many records." I can agree on one thing about this. As you get older people do tend to see talent over looks. This happens for several reasons. First, We are established and don't succumb to peer pressure. In short, we have moved beyond our teenage lifestyles. Second, we tend to become leaders and not followers. I 'm sure that if I were your age I'd be looking at the back of the others sheep's butts also.

"I've always thought my brother was good looking...but I might have to revisit that assumption." You can revisit that if you wish but remember this. Men tend to be more comfortable as they age. Women, sadly, are always trying to hang on to their youth. It's unfortunate that our society is like this. While you will be aging and trying to "hold on" I will be enjoying the years to come. See me being a man means I'll only get better looking until about 60-65. It's actually ironic. You being one of the people that only like the pretty ones will someday be cursed by that same belief system. Katherine McPhee will be ugly and old some day and so will the rest of us.

Finally I just want to clarify my opinion on AI. I never said that Archuleta will or should sell more records. I only said that I thought he did better than Cook. Would I buy an Archuleta Album? Yea, probably. But I wouldn't tell anyone. Would I buy a Cook Album? Yea probably but again I wouldn't tell anyone. That wasn't the point. I just felt that Archuleta had talent and did better than Cook. I stick by that!

Bryan said...

Natalie and Mom are excluded from the aging comment. They are timeless. That should go without saying.

PrincessLisa said...

Oh snap! It's on like Donkey Kong! I knew I should have locked this post from comments. If ever I invent a time machine, this is the first place I'm coming back to.

On to Bryan's seriously misinformed post... it's so hard when you lose a family member to such a horrible tragedy. I feel like I've lost my brother to a cult. All I can do now is love him. And hope, just hope, that someday he makes his way back to liking good music.

He makes a fine point about men looking better as they age. I guess that's the only way he can look at it. Cup half full kind of a guy. He may not be much to look at now, but in a good 20 years he could be distinguished looking. Silver lining. Bryan truly is an inspiration.

As for me getting uglier as I get older? Of course I will. Who doesn't? Plus, when you're perfection, there is nowhere to go but down. But I will not lament over that harsh reality. It is how the world works. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

As for peer pressure...perhaps you're right, Bro. Perhaps I am succumbing to the pressure of those around me. Oh, wait...those around me are geriatric and wanted Archuloser to win. Huh. Go figure.

And to clarify my position on AI... I don't hate Archuleta. Truly, I don't. I'll even give his album a try. My expectations are pretty low for his first album, as they are for Cook's first album as well. Let's face it, nobody really comes out with a good first album after AI. Except Carrie Underwood. And that's because country music just isn't as tough to break into. Case in point: Kellie Pickler. Really not bad for a first country album. I just hope that both David's put out good music, because really, that's all I want out of AI. More music that I might like.

As for our divided family. Apparently I stand alone. It's me against them. Bryan doesn't even count Shawna. Which I find incredibly insulting to Shawna. But, nonetheless, I will stand on my own if necessary.

I just hope that we can resolve this feud by Thanksgiving. Or at least by Christmas, but only if you were already planning on getting me a present.

PrincessLisa said...

Oh, don't worry, Bryan. That was implied. I don't think anyone thought that you meant that commented to be directed towards anyone other than me.

Lonna said...

I just want to say Thank you to Bryan for the "Timeless" comment!