Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pot o' Gold

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Readers! As you know, this is the most important Holiday of the year. It's the only time you can demand that someone kiss you merely because you're Irish. And you don't even have to be Irish to use that line! Sure, you can use that line on other days of the year...but trust me, it doesn't go over well.

What I love about the world today is our ability to take anything noble, cherished, reverent...and turn it into a reason to get drunk, party and pinch anyone not wearing green. What started as a day to celebrate Saint Patrick for saving the Irish and converting them to Catholicism has turned into a day that we have a parade, celebrate leprechauns, search for a pot of gold, dye our rivers green and get smashing drunk on green beer. (others, not me.)

In any case, St. Patrick is definitely my favorite saint. Any guy who likes to wear green and get drunk and search for leprechauns in an effort to extort the location of their pot of gold out of them...he's an okay guy in my book. Sounds like we have similar interests and hobbies.

Lastly... My besticle and I were discussing blog writers. And I am convinced that I'd be far more hysterical if I was being paid to write blogs...and he said I should charge my readers. So, if you've read this, you're hosed. Here is his suggestion of what I should put on my blog to start making money... "I'm brilliant. You should be paying me to read my blog. That'll be $5, thank you."
I accept all major credit cards, cashier's checks and cash. No personal checks will be accepted... I know you people, you're shady. Oh, I will also accept skittles.

Kiss me, I'm Irish!

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Abby Gail said...

I'll have to pay in skittles! :)