Saturday, June 27, 2009

When Infomercials help the world

Readers... I love infomercials, we know this. I don't share all of the infomercials I watch and know and love....but occasionally, I have to bring a product to your attention. You're going to be so glad I did. At about 3:47 this morning I saw an infomercial that changed me. I rewound it over and over and over again and it never grew old. Please watch the clip below.

No, this isn't a joke. This is an actual product that is sold online. I was so intrigued by this product that I went to their website. It did not disappoint!
They offer a step by step instruction guide, with photos of how to use the Uro Club...

Step 1: Unscrew the UroClub’s triple seal, leak proof cap.

Step 2: Clip the privacy towel to the UroClub and your belt or waist band.

Step 3: Discreetly relieve yourself and then get back into the game! Is it me or does this look like he's doing something far worse than urinating??? I don't think there is anything "discreet" about it.
And who is the inventor? Who do we have to thank for this product? Well, he's a Urologist who took the time to write an intro and post a picture of himself...
This may sound like a joke, but it’s not. I am a Board Certified Urologist, practicing in Florida, a place where Golf is played year round. Every day I hear these same complaints from my patients because they suffer from urinary frequency (a condition that can begin in men, as early as their mid 30’s). Even if you don’t have this problem, let’s face it, there are not too many bathrooms on the golf course.These are the very patients that inspired me to create the UroClub™. A camouflaged portable urinal, designed to be discrete, sanitary and create an air of privacy! It looks like an ordinary golf club and comes equipped with a unique removable golf towel clipped to the shaft that functions as a privacy shield!Imagine, giving the appearance of taking a practice swing, while both privately and confidentially, you are able to relieve yourself without any embarrassment! This can be accomplished easily while standing by the golf cart, as well. Have the confidence to drink whatever you wish during your game and not worry if you’ll make it to the clubhouse in time!
Thank you Doctor. Thank you so much. I love that I live in America....where every dream has a chance.


Bryan said...

Thanks for sharing this Lisa! This seems to be a very helpful and needed product. Unfortunately I won't be buying this product. Looks like it was made for the "average" man. I of course am not average. The towel is simply way too short. I need privacy.

Lonna said...

WEll, I peed reading this blog, what am I, a female suppose to do? Where is my relief? How sexist can you get Doctor!
Lisa, perhaps this is the next big thing and we can be the ground floor!