Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Mambo!

Today is my mother's birthday! Haaaaaappy birthday! I bring you some of the things I love about my Mama...in no particular order... (even though they are numbered. )

1. While most mothers would shake their head in confusion and walk away when their child speaks gangsta style...not my Mama! No...she incorporates it into her own, ordinary, everyday speech and befuddles other people her age. Namely, my dad. Case in point...
Dad wakes Mom up too early...Mom turns to him and says, "Why you be frontin'?"
Dad looks at Mom and responds with, "Is this like a stroke thing? Should I call 911?"

2. My Mom has a song for every occasion and every topic of conversation. I'm convinced all of her memory power is being used up by song lyrics from the 60's and 70's. She could win a fortune on Name That Tune, as it pertains to those two decades. Don't believe me? Well....just leave a cake out in the rain or knock three times on the ceiling or have birds suddenly appear every time you are near...she'll have a jingle for ya!

3. Mom believes in her husband and children. She sees the amazing potential in them and wants them to succeed in every way. No matter the trial, she sees that they are capable. And she's always cheering them on.

4. Even though this one is under number 4...it's probably the most important one of all. She knows hot to drop it like it's hot and back it up into your bidness.

5. Mom is a wonderful example of what a mother and grandmother should be. She loves fiercely and even when she wants to bonk you upside the head for the mess you're making in your life...she's still there to listen, give counsel and offer her love. (after the requisite bonking of the head)

6. She knows most of the lyrics to "Sexyback" by Justin Timberlake...and it's not uncommon for her to use a high pitch voiced and ask, "you ready???" (for you old timers...that's from Sexyback.)

7. Mom not only teaches me valuable life skills like cooking and whatnot...more importantly, she teaches me life lessons. One of my personal favorites? "Nobody likes a whiner." She's right. They don't.

8. Mom's house always feels warm, welcoming and inviting. No matter the season or Holiday...mom has decorated the house to suit it. Personally...I'm way too lazy to redecorate for the occasion...but not my mama! The house is always festive and beautiful.

9. My Mother taught me the dance of our heritage. The sacred 'Rain Dance.' Perhaps it's not our heritage. Perhaps we're not Native American. Nonetheless... she taught me the Rain Dance and chant...and she's not afraid to use it when she needs to get my attention.

10. Mom knows how to laugh. Really, truly laugh. She has taught me how to find humor in life and to enjoy it for what it is. Her laugh is contagious. (In a good way...not like the swine flu way)

I'm so grateful for my mother. When you look at all the people in this world...it's amazing to realize the fullness of Heavenly Father's plan. He sent me to the perfect mother for me...and I could not be more grateful.
I love you Mom!


Abby Gail said...

Happy Birthday Lonna Mamma! I knew you were awesome but not THAT awesome. What a great tribute post!

Bryan said...

Suck up.

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday MOM!!! That was a great tribute!! Thanks Lisa, and Thanks Mom for all you do! Have a great Birthday!

Rae said...

Great tribute, Lisa! I think she's perfect too! (Read my blog.

Lonna said...

Thank you for such a sweet blog entry of me. You know it really touched me and I loved it!

Mr. Obvious said...

I can see a need to express love because you feel indebted to your mother or are expecting to need a big favor in the near future. You are a suck-up. Totally unrelated, Can I call you some time?