Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Just In: Line jumper

Okay, I hate lines as much as the next person. I really do. I will do almost anything (including abandoning a shopping cart full of stuff) just so I don't have to stand in line. I may even yell "he's got a gun! Everybody run!" just to get people out of the line so I have to wait less. That plan usually backfires as the cashier might run too. But, desperate times people...desperate times.

As much as I hate lines... this lady took things too far....

A woman who just graduated from college in Ohio says she was afraid her big day was going to turn into a blessed event. Expectant mother Dawn Thompson Ester thought she had gone into labor during Friday's commencement at Columbus State University. So, she was moved up from No. 749 in the order for receiving degrees to first place in line.

Ester got her diploma and then rushed off the stage with one hand clutching the document and the other on her swollen belly. A medic with a stretcher was waiting to take her to the hospital.

But it turned out the pains were just a false alarm, and the hospital sent her home.

We all hate lines. And we all hate graduations. But, come on lady! "False alarm?" She skipped ahead of 748 people. Bravo lady. Bravo. I salute you!


Lonna said...

Brillant move! I applaude her!

Barbie Smith said...

Oh! DMV here I come...goodbye lines! Thanks for passing it along. Your blog is not only entertaining, but also very informative.

Julie and Nate said...

Hmm, maybe I need to strap on one of those empathy bellies and try that one.