Monday, June 22, 2009


Hey readers... today I bring you a blog of a sensitive nature...

I have a "friend" named Shmisa* who takes anti-depressant pills. Recently, when refilling her prescription, Shmisa* noticed that there was a new sticker on the bottle.
It read: "These are the same pills you've received in the past, although colors and sizes may have changed."

It is a really good thing they put that on the "crazy" meds. Can you imagine someone taking their anti-psychotics and suddenly they are yellow instead of blue? Talk about confirming their paranoia! Everyone is out to get them...even the pharmacist is in on it! Before long they start listening to the voices, stalking Simon Cowell again and setting fires all over town.

All I can's a good thing for Simon and for Shmisa* that they warn the crazies that the look of their pills may have changed.

While we're on the subject of anti-depressants... why do they have to be so negative? Why can't they call them Pro-Happy pills instead? The word 'anti' never makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Personally, I feel all rebellious-and-underground-fight-against-the-man-ish. It just puts a negative spin on it.

I think a lot of people would be less judgmental about them if we called them Pro-Happy pills! I know I would. I would stop calling Shmisa* names like "crazy" or "psycho" or "tard."
Okay, maybe it wouldn't affect the last name. But, still, it would help.

*Names have been changed so as not to embarrass the author.


Julie and Nate said...

Thank you for your enlightening posts. I'm all for renaming them to "Pro-Happy" pills. Time to lobby congress.

Rae said...

I love the idea of pro-happy pills! I think everyone needs them.
Thanks for the card, sorry I missed you. Love you bunches!!!

Hallie said...

I Posted!!!!!!!!!!!1

Garrett said...

My friend has run into the same problem. His name is "Garreth" and he tried to buy some "legal" street drugs. But to his dismay, the eight ball he was used to buying from a trusted source was now a nine ball. Son bich, you just can't trust anyone anymore. Next thing you know the mary wanna he was taking for medicinal uses will be Oregano. What is this world coming to. It's signs of armageddon.