Saturday, September 20, 2008

No shoes, no's the drink you ordered!

Here's a tip: Bartending nude can get you arrested.

Sheriff's deputies doing a routine check this week at a southern Illinois bar say they discovered a not-so-routine sight. Authorities allege that 33-year-old Janet Brannon was naked while serving bar patrons at the Cabin Tavern in Delhi (DEL'-ee).
Brannon was arrested and charged with misdemeanor public indecency. She was freed on $8,000 bond.
She was the only bar employee working at the time, so the tavern was closed Thursday.

I don't it that bad? It's not like she was frying hamburgers or anything. That would be considered dangerous!
All I can say is that it gives new meaning to ordering a 'Slippery Nipple' or a 'Fuzzy Navel'!!!


Kimber said...

Slippery Nipple! LOL

Rae said...

I've often wondered if you can go into a place (with a sign that says -No shirt, No shoes, No service) if you are not wearing pants. I should think that might be a priorty, but then I'm strange that way. Slippery Nipple, or Fuzzy Navel? Hum, which way to go...