Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clay the Gay???

.... This is going to surprise everyone out there. Hope you're sitting down for this one! I hope you're sitting down for two reasons...
1. This news is SO shocking that you might collapse after reading this news.
2. How weird would it be if you were STANDING by your computer typing away. I know I'd make fun of you if I saw it. For the sake of your own pride, sit down while you're on the 'puter.

You ready?!?!?!? This just in: CLAY AIKEN IS A HOMOSEXUAL.

Surprised? Yeah, me neither. I think maybe only his Grandmother is surprised. Oh, and maybe all of those tweens who voted for her. Uh, I mean him. But, seriously, did you see his hair on his performance last season on American Idol?! He looked like a girl! Not even a girly man...just a girl.
Yup, he's "come out" in the latest issue of People magazine. Clay Aiken says, "Yes, I'm gay." I'm glad we straightened (no pun intended) that out! I bet the month after that the breaking story in People magazine is going to be... Ruben Studdard, "Yes, I'm fat."

Thanks for keeping it real People magazine.


Adrienne Gilbert said...

REALLY!! What a shocker!! NOT!! One question I heard Bob Harper from Biggest Loser was gay, you seen to be up on the Gay's what is your opinion??

Kimber said...

That revelation was about as shocking as when Ellen came out.

PrincessLisa said...

Ellen was a HUGE SHOCKER! Just like Clay! :)

Adri...Yeah, I'm going to have to Say Bob is gay. But if you ask Shawna, she vehemently denies his gayness. She wants to believe he's straight. He ain't!

Monkey Toe Momma said...

O-M-GAWD! No way! Clay Aikins is a GUY?

You are too funny Lisa, I'm sure his grandmother is the only one who was shocked. We had a cousin who made a "dramatic" announcement about his sexual preference and was disappointed that no one was shocked. I'm sure that's exactly how Clay is feeling right now.

Brandon said...

RUBEN IS FAT???? (passes out)

PrincessLisa said...

Rinnie....I mean, come on Clay...seriously?!?!? You just artificially inseminated a 50 year old friend. We didn't need confirmation.

And, yes Brandon, it's true. I know he hides his weight well, but he is a bit chubby.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa,

You're funny!

Love Barbie