Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting old

I dread getting old. I really do. It doesn't seem like much fun. Not the sagging body parts and wrinkles and gray hair thing, that I already have and quite enjoy.
No, I'm talking about the getting old and senile and losing control of your bodily functions part. Nobody wants that.
But then sometimes you come across an old person who inspires you and you think... this won't be so bad. If I can age gracefully and live a full life like this person, I'll be happy.

I found the person I want to be when I become elderly...

BOISE, Idaho – Police have arrested a 74-year-old woman who is accused of repeatedly dumping maple syrup, corn syrup, ketchup and mayonnaise into a library book drop in Idaho's capital city. Authorities had previously issued a pair of warrants for Joy Cassidy's arrest earlier this month after she failed to appear in court.

But she turned herself in at the Ada County jail on Monday. Cassidy was originally arrested on June 13.

That's after police say she poured mayonnaise in the library's book drop box that day — and was a person of interest in at least 10 other condiment-related incidents at the Ada Community Library in Boise since May 2009.

Condiment related crimes? That's brilliant!!! I just imagine this old lady going to Sam's Club to buy condiments in bulk. Not because she's cooking for a lot of people...just because she's planning some pranks.

"Let's see... I got two tubs of ketchup. One for the library drop box and one for my neighbor's mailbox. Relish for the electric company's payment box... uh...mayonnaise just in case...that's everything!"

Then the image of her tip toeing up to the drop box with her condiments and pouring them in? Priceless.

Lady, I applaud you. I want to be you. Bravo!

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Britany Dean said...

HILARIOUS. I like you. Much thanks for the hilarity in your posts.