Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A few things on my mind...

....rarely, but once in a great while, I have a thought cross my mind. And even more rarely? Several in one day. I felt I should write them down here while I can still remember this monumental occasion! Plus, I like to keep my fans updated on what's been going on in my life. For instance, earlier today I wrote the following make up letter:

"Dear Gym,
I think I've been neglecting our relationship. How about we talk about it over a coke and a family block of chocolate? See you on the couch...I'll be there all day. Lazily, Lisa"

Lately I've talked a lot about Tweeting, journaling, preserving your memories. And I started thinking about it...turns out, I don't really want to preserve my memories. They are best left forgotten in the closet with my leg warmers. But, I have started keeping a journal anyway. In case I ever get amnesia and need to be reminded of who I am. Well, more accurately...in case I want to be reminded of who I want myself to think I was. Yeah, it's a fake journal. I just finished a 3 week long journal entry about my trek through the Himalayas. Next up: How I discovered penicillin! My amnesiac self will be so proud of who she thinks I was.

Sometimes I suffer from insomnia. And when that happens, I try to think of detailed things that will tire out my brain and allow me to sleep. So, the other night...I decided to design my dream house in my head. Very intricate, ornate, a bit over the top. My building material of choice? Oreo cookies. Then I realized...if I built a house out of Oreos, I'd be homeless in a day. Better stick to brussel sprouts. Might make hanging pictures tough, but I'll figure it out. I'm resourceful.

The other day I was driving down the freeway and I saw a billboard advertising for an Emergency Room at a local hospital. Know your target audience, I guess. What struck me as really odd was that they have a time keeper countdown letting you know what your average wait time would be if you went there right now. Because...you know...let's say you're chopping brussel sprouts at home, trying to get it just right for the addition to your master bathroom that you're planning on working on...and you cut off your thumb. Thinking quickly, you put the thumb on ice and head to the hospital. On the way there you see the billboard that says current expected wait time at the ER? 118 minutes. Uh, I don't think so. I don't have that kind of time. So you head back home and live a thumb-less life. What choice did you have?

That's all for today folks...hope you're having a great day!


Lonna said...

I guess it had to happen. A thumbless exsistance is so bad. It's not like a big toeless exsistance. I don't need a thumb for balance. Sure I can't type very well anymore cause I never use the space bar now. I never learned to type with just 2 fingers. But my big toe, that's balance and who wants a pedicure with no big toe? I mean what do you say? Hey give it to me for 1/2 price, I only have half as much nail surface? Just a lot of problems invloved in the loss of big toe. Thumbless ok. I'm with you. 118 minutes-too much.

Brandon said...

The gym missed you, but it got over you and moved on. Now it's having a torrid affair with your roomie.