Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dating 102

One of the things that seems to stop most singles from getting out there and trying to meet new people, or to ask out that person they’ve had their eye on, or to get up the courage to express their feelings to a certain someone...
the fear of rejection. It’s a genuine fear. Nobody likes to be rejected.
Ok, that’s a lie...we’ve all seen American talent shows on reality television. Clearly *some* people enjoy rejection. But most of us don’t.

I learned one sure fire way to combat this fear: don’t accept their rejection. Works like a charm!
For example: I had a gentleman suitor express interest in pursuing a relationship with me “culminating towards marriage.”
I appreciated his boldness, his fervor, his no-nonsense attitude. However, I just didn’t see myself wanting to spend my life with him. So I kindly, gently, rationally explained why I didn’t want to pursue this relationship culminating towards marriage.
...There was a brief pause and he followed it up with, “You will reconsider.”

And damned if I didn’t. How could I not? He was so sure. I’m not sure I have any choice but to marry him. So, remember, if your love interest doesn’t respond in kind…don’t take no for an answer! They may reconsider!

Next up in the dating series... You're too picky!


Breelyn said...

I have to say I'm loving the dating series!

Abby Gail said...

I'm glad you have posted some dating tips. I'm dating "special needs" and need all the help I can get.

amy b. said...

Well...have you reconsidered!? Inquiring minds want to know.

Princess Lisa said...

You're welcome Amy C! I'm here to help!

Amy B- of course I reconsidered. How could I not? Luckily, I reconsidered back to my original stance of NO.