Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dating 101

I think some of the funniest stories in my life come from my dates, or dates my friends have. Unfortunately, due to all of the law suits…I can’t share any of them with you.
What I can share is that single life and the dating process is wonderful... and horribly hilarious at times. My perspective changes as I change. It seems to be inevitable that when you don’t have such a good time on the date, you hear from them the next day. (And sometimes every day thereafter until you change your number.) But then there is that elusive Fantastic (with a capital F) date. But then...a day passes...2 days...3 days...a week...Yet, he doesn't call. He doesn't text. He doesn't use the number he (emphasis on HE) asked for. What runs through a woman’s head as to why???

1. He's playing it cool.
2. His cell phone battery died.
3. He lost my number.
4. He's gay.
5. Wait...that can't be right, not with THAT goodnight kiss.
6. On the way home, he got kidnapped by a Somali terrorist group.
7. He's dead. And if he isn't dead, he should be.
8. He's a sadist who gets off on torturing women. I dodged a bullet. Or knife.
9. Do I have any ice cream?
10. He's definitely gay… who ate all of my ice cream?

This is how a woman works. But men, men are different...
A couple of weeks ago, I went on the most boring date I’ve ever been on (Top 5, at least.) Okay, that’s unfair. The date wasn’t boring. I have nothing against the 9th of June. But the company I kept on the 9th of June was boring. I was bored enough to finish my shopping list in my head during dinner. (Which, by the way, I also had time to alphabetize.)
At the end of the date...the really, really early end of the date... I made it clear that while I appreciated the evening, I wasn’t interested in repeating it. Hard to say to someone, but I think it’s better than just leaving someone wondering, or leading them on. No harm, no foul, it just didn’t work. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We both move on!

I hear from him the next day.
And the day after.
And every other day since then. Turns out that while women may have 10 reasons why they haven’t heard from their recent date...men only have one reason...

1. She must want me to try harder, I’ll call her again later.

That’s just how the dating world works sometimes. You like them...they don't like you. You don't like them...they really like you. It's a wonder anyone finds love these days! Luckily, we've got more and more reality shows devoted to teaching us how not to find love.

Tune in for the next post about Dating...the fear of rejection!

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