Friday, May 7, 2010

Advertising at it's finest...

Advertisements are everywhere. Big, small, flashy, boring, funny... they're everywhere. Some are more effective than others, however.

There's a billboard in Utah for a gas station/convenience store called Guads. They're billboard avertisement reads...
"I get gas at Guads!"
Uhhhh...remind me not to try their hot dogs.

I recently passed a bank in town that has one of the light-up screens. In big, flashing letters it read, "You should smell like dirt"

I'm sure that tag line must have intended to come after something else or before something else? But I sat through an entire red light and it never changed... it never flashed anything else. Just the fact that I should smell like dirt. I'm not sure why I should smell like dirt, what that has to do with a bank or why they care for me to smell like dirt. But, they sucked me in, for sure. I'm going in on Monday, with a pile of dirt and I'm going to try to deposit it into my account. I'll be rich! Filthy rich! No, literally,'s dirt...get it?

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Shawna said...

You also get gas at Jamba.