Thursday, May 13, 2010

More advertisements...

I've seen more marketing at its finest, folks! Advertisements abound all around us... and sometimes, they make us laugh...unintentionally.

Earlier today I passed a company that was selling hot tubs. They've got a million signs telling me to come look at their hot tubs and buy one today!!! And then their marketing genius at work... a GIANT inflatable duck. Sitting on a hot tub. It was too big to even fit in the hot tub, so it just sat on top of it. How many times have you seen ducks and gone... "Ahhhh, THAT'S the life. If only I were a duck. Sigh. If only."
I know I sure have.

This one was a personal advertisement, not for a business. But I saw a car the other day and written on the back window were the words "Just Divorced!"
I don't know if this was an announcement, a celebration or a personals ad. If it was a personals ad... great idea. I think I'm going to write on my back window,
"SWF seeking tall, dark and handsome. Must not live with mom OR in prison, have own transportation and willingness to commit to more than your goldfish."
On second thought, I might need a bigger window.

I was at the store the other day, and they had much of the parking lot sectioned off. There was a company there, redoing the lines in the parking lot. Apparently it's a business. They specialize in "striping." Their name? All Star Striping. Great. I know they're all-stars in the business and that they are excellent at painting stripes!
Here's where things get a little unfortunate... On the sides of their vehicle, advertising their business it clearly said, "All Star Striping" so you'd know who they were and how to get in contact with them. Unfortunately, on the back of their truck, it read "All Star Stripping."
I'll be honest, I'm more inclined to call All Star Stripping than All Star Striping.

Receptionist: "Thank you for calling All Star Striping, how may I help you?"
Me: "Uh, yeah, do you guys do bachelorette parties?"
Receptionist: "Excuse me? You want us to paint stripes on a bachelorette?"
Me: "I guess if that's part of the package. I've never seen a stripper who paints stripes, but it sounds interesting."
Receptionist: "We're STRIPERS, not STRIPPERS!"

One letter. You add a 'p' and it makes ALL the difference.


Abby Gail said...

I saw both the "strippers" and the duck! The "strippers" where in the parking lot next to ours making all sorts of racket! Apparently they have to clean things down before they can paint the strips. I guess the "stripping" is the easy part.

And about that duck. It IS huge. You must be livin' big if you can lounge with a duck like that. What is funny is I couldn't even tell it was in a hot tub. It was THAT huge! And it was an inflatable hot tub which looked more like a very bizarre egg.

My ad on the back of my rear view mirror will read: SWF LET's COMBINE INCOMES!
This can imply a few things...I just need a roommate that will help pay the bills. OR "Hey non-committal guy over 30... spend your life alone looking for that 6' tall blond, with big boobs and the perfect personality OR Just settle for me, a smart, full figured brunette who has a real personality and will accept your weird personality and just pay the mortgage already. I'll take care of the housework!" ;)

Princess Lisa said...

Amy, are you set on it being a man? I'd totally answer your ad!