Thursday, October 29, 2009

You had me at...your fake written accent

You know how sometimes there is someone that just "gets" you? No, not in a creepy chase you through the woods kind of way. But, in the "you were meant for me...perhaps as a punishment..." kind of way.

This is me and my BFF. Most people, upon receiving the following email, woudn't know how to respond. Or would just say something normal. Or would tell me what a 'tard I am. But, not my BFF. He just responds in kind.

Lisa: "Ze wezzer iz zo nize"

Brandon: "Eez eet? Eet's shnowink heere.'

Lisa: "Ze same eez happeneeng 'eere too"

Brandon: "And that's nize wezzer? I got snowed on! SNOW FELL ON MY BREAKFAST BAGEL! Yeah, we're through."

We were so meant for one another as bff's. Until he dumped me for liking snow.

He had me at.... 'shnowink.' Unfortunately, I lost him at 'nize wezzer.'

In an unrelated matter, I'm looking for a new bff, if you know anyone.


Brandon said...

Oh, I thought you said "nice weiner". And while I appreciated the compliment, I was a little uncomfortable knowing you're peeking through the bathroom window.

Princess Lisa said...

Oh please. I've been peeking through your window for years and you never seemed bothered before... in fact, you always do a little dance for me.

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Lonna said...

BFF like Brandy are a dime a dozen. You'll replace him asap. No prob.

Hallie said...

nobody reads my blog! i posted yesterday! hello?

Anonymous said...

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Brandon said...

You know what's great about getting old and senile? You can stumble upon things you've already read, not remember reading them, and be delighted when you read them again.

Then that delight turns to despair when you go to comment on that thing and realize you're old and senile.