Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A product with unlimited uses…

***Due to the fact that the holidays are just around the corner, anyone who may be receiving a Christmas gift from Brandon is not permitted to read this blog entry***

Recently my BFF and I were having a conversation about a D-bag I may have been a bit hung up on. The conversations went something like this:

ME: "Blah blah blah, hate him, blah blah"

BFF: "Uh huh, I know. There there. Hush now...no, really...HUSH."

ME: “Blah blah idiot, blah, smear campaign, blah”

BFF: “I think publicizing his recent eunuchitude would be a good start of a smear campaign. We could call the group ‘Say a prayer for D-bag’s missing balls’ and invite him to join. Better yet, let's make it a cause and raise money to get him a pair of these..."


After reviewing this website...all of my troubles disappeared. Please, do yourself a favor and visit the website. It'll lighten your load. And if you want to spoil your Christmas present... please visit "Merchandise Mart."
Enjoy the website...it gives a whole new meaning to the saying, "grow a pair!"


Brandon said...

Grow a pair...and if you can't, buy one!

Tara and Adam said...

You know, $80 for a pair (that's for a LARGE pair this time) is a whole lot cheaper than the money he lost the first time around, and definitely a better deal than what he'll lose this second time around. Especially with the price of dignity these days.

Lonna said...

Well, I just think what a wonderful thing it is that a dog's dignity can be restored to him. I look at Atticus and I feel his
humiliation and just wish we had known then!
As for D-bag, sorry no new set for him. Let it stand as a 'warning sign for the next easy love mark'.
Brandon, are you the inventor? Too shy to accept accolades for your incrediable invention?