Thursday, July 24, 2008

My political views

Some of the most frequent questions I get asked are.......

1. "Lisa, who should I vote for?"
2. "Lisa, who will YOU vote for?"
3. "Lisa, did you really have an affair with Obama?"
4. "Lisa, is it true that you were a POW with McCain?"
5. "Lisa, why aren't you running for president?"

In the past I've always replied to personal questions with, "I'm not accepting questions at this time."

But I've decided it's time to answer the people. My answers are:

1. Ross Perot
2. Jack Bauer
3. No Comment, other than to say I do have a dress and call recordings that I am preserving in case I need it in the future to back up any of my future claims. *
4.You'll have to read our joint biography (due out late October 2012)
5. I don't have that kind of time. Plus, if wearing white makes you look fat, can you imagine what the press conferences in front of the white house would do for my figure???

I feel like I'm finally being honest with America. I'm so glad to have gotten this off my chest.
Hopefully America feels like they got the truth, finally!

*Or if the baby turns out to be his. It's either his or Kobe Bryant's...


Rae said...

I'm sure it's Kobe's!

Adrienne Gilbert said...

Just for your information I put you on my list the same time as your mother and shawna. You must of just skipped over your name, it is there. I don't think it's weird you found my blog I have been a closet fan of you blog for quit sometime it's just recently i decided to come out and admit you were a friend. Your blog makes me laugh so hard I just consider that my workout for the day and go along with my day! so thank you for helping me with my diet. Have a good one!! Adrienne
P.S. Kobe really i might just take the time to remove you from my list that is how wrong that is!!

Natalie said...

You know I get Obama, but Kobe? Really? I mean I get your Politcal aspirations, thus Obama. I mean who wouldn't. But again, KOBE???

I mean you don't even like BBall. I am just floored there MIGHT be a possiblity it's Kobe's!! I can't think straight!! I just don't know what to say anymore!!!

PrincessLisa said...

GRANDMA...we're hoping! Cross your fingers!

ADRIE- Yeah, I don't believe you. I didn't skip over my name. yes, it's there NOW, but it wasn't yesterday. Don't try to fool me! And I am so glad that you have been a closet fan and am now deciding to claim me in public. I can understand not wanting to...I am someone who should be a secret shame. P.S. I don't actually like Kobe, but he does have a lot of money.

NATALIE- I do like BBall. How dare you accuse me of not liking it! I used to go the Jazz games about once a month. I mean, sure, the tickets were free to me and I went mainly to look at Karl Malone...but still, I went. As for Kobe...he has money. Lots of it. Plus, out child would be tall! And I'd be in the tabloids! (if I was basing it off looks it'd be Karl Malone. He really is the Mailman...he delivers!)