Saturday, October 13, 2007


I have failed as woman. And not alone. My sister and I have failed together. Our combined brain power and the brilliance of the internet was not enough to help us successfully thread a sewing machine.
The project started 1 hour an 54 minutes ago. We took the sewing machine out. And 1 hour and 24 minutes later... success! We threaded the machine. And even managed to sew a small, sock-sized pillow for our beloved mother. (more about her later)
We managed the pillow and began checking out the different thread patterns. Now, I don't want to point fingers, but Shawna was playing with the sewing machine when it broke. Is it her fault? Probably. I'm not going to say that to her though. She is much stronger than me.
Nonetheless, we were back to square one and the sewing machine no longer had thread.
Boo. :(

4 minutes ago Shawna managed to thread the machine again. One small problem... the machine is not actually sewing anything. Damn machine.

Now, more about our beloved mother. How could she do this to us? Neither my sister or I (and, to be honest, my older sister too) know how to sew. We can't even thread the machine. Well, we did thread it and promptly broke it (again, Shawna's fault) and are still struggling. 2 hours and 3 minutes later. Thanks a lot Mom. And where is our mother? Galavanting around the countryside following Kenny Rogers around. Groupie!!! What scares me the most is that my Dad is with her. Driving. Apparently he enjoys Kenny as well.
Back to the point... Our mom knows we love to sew in the Fall. How could she abandon us with no sewing machine skills??????????

I'll update you when I have more news.

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