Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Columbus Day (observed)

I have to observe Columbus Day on an alternate day because I had to work on the actual Columbus Day. (or what we call the actual "Columbus Day")
It is so wrong that I had to work. On Columbus Day. When I, myself, am part Colombian. That just seems so wrong. Can you say racist? And I suppose that I'll have to work on Hanukkah even though I'm part Jewish too!

When you think about Columbus Day.... it doesn't really seem like he should get his own day. Let's consider the facts... Columbus is said to have discovered America. But can you really "discover" a land that has people living on it already??? Let's use an analogy... I barge into your home and tell you I discovered it and am now commandeering your kitchen for the Queen of Spain!
Seem fair? Not really. Does it seem like I "discovered" your house? Uh... not really.
And even if you discount the fact that people already lived on this "New Land" let's not forget that others had already discovered it.... the Africans, the Chinese and the Vikings.
And let's not forget how Columbus "discovered" America. He was 13,000 miles off his planned route. Sounds like he was a really crappy navigator. Didn't he just completely ignore his On-Star GPS system?

One thing I can definitely say in favor of Columbus is that he had to be an excellent leader. The man traveled with 3 boats. The Nina, Pinta and Santa Clause... errr, Santa Maria. He was 13,000 miles off course and yet two boats followed him the whole way! At some point didn't they start to wonder where he was going? Did they doubt him at all? Or were helper monkeys steering the other 2 ships? He must have been an excellent leader. A fearless leader. Able to talk people into following him so far off course.
But does he deserve his own day for this? Uh... doubtful.

And, remember, I am part Colombian so it's okay for me to say all of this.


Anonymous said...

Well, since you being Columbian has nothing to do with Columbus Day, it doesn't make it ok at all actually...

Lisa said...

Gee, really? I had no idea...
ever heard of sarcasm???