Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

For those of you who did not receive my Christmas Newsletter... I wanted to make sure and share a nice summary of my year, here on my blog! Enjoy...

Well, well, well. Here we are again. The year 2010 was so much like 2009, it was hard at times to tell the difference. It all started with January, just like the year before. And before I knew it, February came along, and then March. As a plucky yet uber-intelligent, gifted and talented individual, I soon recognized the pattern and I was able to confidently predict April and May. It was all downhill after that, barely even a challenge.

Just to catch you up to speed on my life, (for those of you who don't follow my Twitter feed) I'd like to share a few of the highlights from my year...

I upgraded my TiVo from a Series 2 Dual Tuner to a TiVo Premier. This was, perhaps, the most pivotal moment of my year. It took my tv watching to a whole new level. Also, it can access You Tube directly from my tv, so there is rarely a need for me to leave my bed.

Last summer I relocated from Logan, Utah to Salt Lake City, Utah. Mostly in an effort to evade the parking authority of Logan. One can only throw away so many parking tickets before they send the bounty hunters after you. I live in a lovely part of Salt Lake, near the Homeless Shelters and train tracks. I'm within spitting distance of the fire department, which was a must considering my penchant for starting fires.
I'm enjoying living in the big city and all it has to offer. One of my favorite places to visit is the downtown Walmart near my home. I've met a lot of interesting characters there. The inviting man who tried to lure me into his camper, the entrepreneurial young man who offered to sell me both tamales and drugs, the boxer who had a cart full of meat and truly believed he was Rocky... and who could forget the gentleman/lady in a yellow sundress, heels, pearls, a beard and a mullet? I've taken to printing off a current listing of the FBI's most wanted list every time I go shopping. I'm confident this will pay off.

I spent a great deal of time in 2010 trying to better myself and as such, I picked up a lot of new hobbies...
I've started teaching myself Swedish because I would hate to be at a disadvantage when I travel to accept my Nobel prizes. I couldn't afford tutoring or classes, so mostly I just do my best to look at online Swedish tabloids.
I've started chasing tornadoes. I heard it was quite the adrenaline rush. And they are right! I'm not much for nature, so I typically just watch the weather channel and look for tornadoes there. Also, in an effort to research the proper way to chase a tornado, I've been watching Twister. Helen Hunt really shines in that role.
I've become an avid coin collector. Last count, I was up to .92 cents! Ka-ching! I am literally 8 cents away from a dollar.

As the year comes to a close, I can't help but feel triumphant and fulfilled. I'll be spending the next few weeks working on my New Year's Resolutions and planning for an even brighter future in 2011.

Much love to you all, and do feel free to bask in the glow of my glory. . . Lisa

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Kirsten and Steve Bloomfield said...

LOL!! Your glow is so bright I think I got a sunburn. Great Christmas letter I am looking forward to your New Year's resolution list.