Thursday, December 16, 2010

Celebrity News!

It's been a big week in the celebrity world this week. For those of you with lives, let me fill you in. Miley was pictured with a bong, Christina Aguilera went on a coffee date and almost had a wardrobe malfunction, Ryan Reynolds and ScarJo have filed for divorce... it's been quite a week. But, let's move on to who we both care about the most.... Justin Bieber and Charlie Sheen.

Both have dodged the legal bullet this week. One has dodged any criminal charges related to a laser tag incident and the other dodged criminal charges related to a drugs/hookers and a hotel incident.
The incidents are pretty much interchangeable, so I'll clear it up for you.

Charlie Sheen won't be charged by the NYPD in connection with a bizarre incident at a New York City hotel in October that involved an adult film actress and ended with the actor being taken to a hospital by the authorities. Charlie was allegedly found in his underwear and seemingly intoxicated, but his publicist (who really earns her money) maintained that he had had "an adverse allergic reaction to some medicine."
I didn't know crack was medicine. But I know how I'm going to cure the next cold I have.

Next up... The Biebs. Bieber fevah. Despite having some of the best hair of any teenager girl around, sometimes it is just not easy being famous at his age. Apparently, last October, The Biebs was just trying to blow off some steam at a laser tag center in British Columbia. A 12 year old boy reported that the Biebs tried to punch him. But, luckily, the witnesses told authorities that it was actually Bieber who was being harassed and called names. Poor Biebs. One witness said of the incident, "The 12-year-old and his friends were targeting Bieber and shooting him over and over"
I thought that was the point of laser tag. Apparently not. Not to worry, at no point during the scuffle was Beiber or her hair harmed.

I'll let you know if we have any more developments.

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