Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My deep thoughts for today

Readers, I have a few things on my mind and they must be shared...

We're all familiar with The National Geographic magazine. We've all skimmed them in a doctor's waiting room...and probably put it down when we realized the pictures of the naked Africans weren't as titillating as we had hoped for....and we quickly moved on to Highlights magazine...trying to find the toaster hiding in the fence.
Well, in an effort to keep up with the times (they missed that boat by at least 24 years) and to draw in a younger audience... The National Geographic is now referring to themselves as.... NAT G.O.
Sorry, NAT G.O. you still aren't cool. I'm still only looking for the naked pics and putting you down in disappointment shortly thereafter.

Recently I was at the grocery store and I had just barely parked my car when I noticed a guy coming out of the store...pushing his cart of groceries to his car...and I couldn't stop staring. Why? Well, let me preface my disgust with saying the dude was tubby. Back to the story.... so, tubby guy was walking out of the store, cart full of food, had on his 'all-you-can-eat-buffet' sweatpants...and he was eating a loaf of french bread. Yes, he had a loaf of french bread peeking out of it's sleeve and he was just chomping away on it. There are a lot of things you can get away with nibbling before you get to your car.... a grape, a jellybean, a nut or two...even a donut. But a loaf of french bread???
Have some self-respect, tubbo! Eat it in your car on the way home!



Lonna said...

Ok, so while your sharing your 'beef's' with us, here is one of mine.
I'm at a salad bar, carefully choosing my salad array when I look up to see a really fat lady putting her hand into one of the containers and eating what she picked up! can't wait the 30 seconds it's going to take you to sit down at the table??? Of course I politely thanked her for contaiminating everyone's food. She thought 'I' was rude.

Bryan said...

My turn. I'm at the store and this fat guy is taste testing the gummy bears and gummy worms. I said out loud; "Have some self discipline!" then I realized nobody understood me with the gummy worms in my mouth. I choose the gummy bears and left in self disgust.

Natalie said...

Ok, my turn. Picture downtown New York City, lots of people walking around with lots of cabs on the road. Then picture a bunch of tourists trying to look like New Yorkers (unsuccessfully, I might add) and crossing the street even though the sign doesn't say they can. Then picture a cab driver hanging out the window of his car yelling at the top of his lungs( in a really thick New York accent) "If the sign says Don't Walk, DON'T WALK!!!"

I tell that story because one of my beef's is pretty much everyone in this world that thinks they are the exception to the rule and can pretty much do whatever they want. I am here to say "If the sign says Don't walk, DON'T WALK!!! IDIOT!!!"

Shawna said...

My turn!! My turn!!! Oh wait..........I can't think of anything. Boo. I really wanted to be apart of the group. :(

Rae said...

My turn, my turn! I hate people trying to creep onto the freeways and slowing all the traffic down except for the really inpatient drivers who try to pass everyone and then cause an accident. People--get up to speed to get on the freeways!!

The Morris's said...